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Luscious Greenery

40% of London is green space, making the capital the greenest city of its size in the world. The Royal Parks of London contribute heavily to this share. The Royal Parks were originally owned by the monarchy of the United Kingdom for the recreation (mostly hunting) of the royal family. With the increasing urbanisation of London, some of these became public parks with the introduction of the Crown Lands Act 1851.

Today there are eight Royal Parks covering almost 2,000 hectares (4,900 acres) of land in Greater London. Living in W1 means that residents can take a leisurely 20 minute walk to the vast Regent’s Park and watch a play at the Open Air Theatre; jump on the Tube at Oxford Circus and arrive within 18 minutes at majestic Kensington Gardens to visit Kensington Palace; or enjoy a picnic next to the glittering lake at Hyde Park, only a 25 minute walk from Hanway Gardens.

“The 5,000 or so acres of Royal Parks are one of the things that make London special.” Zac Goldsmith